Follow up visit

Clean Bill

Hello all, Dad had his follow up visit today in Ann Arbor. As expected, he is ahead of schedule with the healing process. He had his feeding tube removed and is now on a soft food diet, which he is very grateful. He doesn’t have to wear his boot for his leg where they removed the bone from because they said it was healing faster than they expected. Another huge relief is that they got the pathology reports back from the lymph nodes that were removed and they came back negative, or cancer free!!! I was able to Facetime with him yesterday and he looks great and is talking very clearly now. Prayers are powerful and he is a great testament to that by how well he is healing up. Have a great night!





With everything that Dad has been through the past 6 weeks, it has really caused me, all of us I am sure, to stop and think about whats really important in our lives. In our hustle and bustle society we live in, we sometimes can get caught in the day to day rut, disguising itself as “progress.” Please don’t misunderstand me, I know that we all have to do what we have to do to make a living and support our families, I just hope that we are taking intentional time to invest towards our priorities. I am not going to lie, when I got the call that Dad had early stage mouth cancer, I was scared to death and even sick to my stomach. I never wish that on anyone. I know some of you have had to deal with much worse circumstances, but it doesn’t ever make it any easier when someone you love has to go through something like that. I am so grateful that everything is going well and we praise God for that! My hopes for writing this is that we all sit down and make a list of our top priorities and then ask ourselves: how much time and attention are we giving to them?



No regrets    

In life, the only certainty is uncertainty and the only constant is change. Things happen outside our control and only God knows why. Its hard to wrap our minds around, but true nonetheless. My prayer for us all would be, when we get to the end of our lives, that we don’t have regrets about how and with whom we spent our time with. If we are all honest, I think we would agree that we are eternally made in God’s image and that this life is not all there is. I believe that we will be judged on how we live our lives and when it comes down to it at the end, I believe that it will be our regrets about the things we didn’t do, that will weigh the heaviest on us. I am directing this post to myself because I feel convicted that I haven’t been as intentional with my relationships as I picture myself being. I sometimes buy the lie that I am “too busy” for this or that. Not anymore! This experience has made what I am talking about very real to me and I am not going to take for granted the time I have left with the people I know and love.

Final thoughts

Time is so precious and finite, in fact, Mark Twain said it this way: “time is the only resource that we don’t know how much we have left and the only thing that we can never get back, so use it wisely.” I hope this post doesn’t come off as abrupt or preachy, I just had it on my heart to share because I know that unforeseen circumstances can happen to any one of us at any time. And if we keep these thoughts about investing our time very intentionally at the front of our minds, I think we will be able to better enjoy our families, friends and relationships we have that make life so rich and joyful.

Thank you all again for your prayers, thoughts, phone calls, visits, blog comments and well wishes. They are so appreciated and have greatly helped us all through this process. It is very evident that my Dad is a great example of living out what I have been writing about in this post. God Bless everyone and have a great day.




Home at last

No place like home

Great news, Mom and Dad made er home yesterday afternoon and are doing great. Dad will have a home health nurse coming by the house to keep watch on him. He had his trach removed and his swelling is subsiding. We thank God that everything went as well as it did and are so thankful that he is home and on the mend. Talk soon

Looks like home


Hello all! Well, what a week!! Dad got his trach out this morning and is getting all set up to head homeward bound. The Doctors are very happy with the healing progress and he is feeling better everyday. He is talking great, almost sounds like nothing happened when I talked to him on the phone yesterday. He is on track to head home sometime Friday. Mom has been learning all the post hospital stay care and is getting comfortable with everything. I know it sounds like a broken record, but you don’t know how much we appreciate your prayers and well wishes sent to us during this little hurdle. Will keep updated as we find out more. Have a great day.

Feelin good

Good morning. Dad says that he feels better today than he has since before the surgery. The docs and nurses are teaching Mom how to continue his care once he is released. Mom said that the staff, on all levels, are amazing at the hospital and they have had a great experience, under the circumstances, with the service being provided to him. Very optimistic and Dad is working through it with a great attitude. Have a great day to everyone.

Monday update

The doctor who did Dad’s swelling relief surgery said that as long as things continue to go as good as they are, then he should be able to be released by this weekend. He has been resting a lot today and has also been up taking long walks around. Mom is doing good and keeping positive. Talk soon. Have a great night.

Back in business

Dad is back in his room and the procedure went very well. He had a small blood clot from the fusing of the capillaries around his neck and jaw. Normal thing that happens in some cases. He is doing well and swelling is now under control. Will update in the a.m. Have a great night.

Back to the OR

Dad is going back to the OR later today because the doctors want to go in and relieve a little pressure caused by some bleeding around the neck where they fused all the little capillaries together. The procedure should take about an hour to complete. We were told before surgery that this is common and that it could happen with the nature and complexity of the operation he went through. Otherwise, he is doing well. Will update this evening after everything is completed. Thank you all for your continuing prayers. They are appreciated. Have a great day.

Sunday update

Hello everyone! Dad is still doing great, he has a little swelling that the doctors are keeping an eye on. Very normal that there could be a little blood pooling, but he is on some steroids that are helping out with everything. Mom is doing great and staying strong. The docs said that they might take the trach out really soon because he is doing so good. I wanted to update with his room address in case anyone felt inclined to send a card. He has been getting a few things here and there, including videos from Ivy and Cora that make him smile. Have a great evening.

Address is:

University Hospital

University of Michigan Health System

Steve Wallis Room 4131-01 4B

1500 E Medical Center Dr

Ann Arbor, MI 48109